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Slow Burn: The Driven Trilogy #5

夕べ、ふとTwiiterを見ていたら、Drivenシリーズがベストセラーになった、K. Brombergの次の新作、Drivenシリーズ、スピンオフ版Slow Burn。ハディー(Haddie)とベケット(Beckett)のストーリーのワンシーン(エロ)と、本のカバーが公開されていた(発売は、2015年3月)。



なんとなく思っていた事が、このワンシーンで、少し確信にもつながった。K. Brombergって、キャラクターを作るの上手だなと。The Drivenシリーズに登場するすべての登場人物のキャラがイキイキしていて、だからこんなに彼女の書くストーリーは面白いだなと実感。


Slow Burnのワンシーン、出典:  The rock star of romance

Steamy Slow Burn Excerpt: Meet Becks and Haddie
Posted by arrangement with New American Library, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright © K. Bromberg, 2014

“Sweet Haddie,” he murmurs as his hand finds my breast and yanks down the cup of my bra, his callused palms replacing the softness of the lace. I gasp out loud as his mouth slides in its tempestuous descent. “Sweet, sweet Haddie…I wonder if your pussy tastes just as sweet as your kiss…as your skin…as right here.”

The heat of his mouth replaces the caress of his fingers on my breast and I’m swamped by the sensation of it. Of him. My head falls back and my words tumble out. “What are you waiting for?”

That chuckle of his hums against my breast before he tilts his head back and looks up at me under lust-laden eyelids. “Demanding are we?” His eyes dance with humor before the dare flickers through them. Try me, they say.

And a part of me wants to. A part of me wants to push him to see just how much control he’s willing to give me. Is he going to do what I say or is he going to do what he wants?

Challenge accepted.

“Then taste me, Becks. I want to feel your mouth on me, your tongue in me. I want you to taste me on your lips as I’m still coming and while you’re fucking me.”

He sucks harder on my nipple; a tortured groan escapes his lips as he rises to full height and stares at me. “Fucking hell, Had,” he says before his lips brand mine, his mouth possessing, taking, claiming as if I were his. “Are you trying to tell me how to fuck you?”

I feel the heat of his breath on my lips, see the taunt in his smirk and raise of a brow, but I can’t think of the witty comeback I know is there. His hands slide down my torso and grip my bare waist causing my breath to stutter as he yanks my body into his. His impressive hard-on presses against my lower belly causing the ache simmering there to intensify.

Becks leans in close, his lips grazing my ear, causing chills to chase over my skin. “Rest assured, Haddie, I know how to fuck you. I know how to make you come.” His teeth graze and tug on my earlobe to reinforce his words. “I know how to make this hot-as-fuck body of yours tremble, tense, and beg for more…so lay back, and let me taste you.”




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